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About the Dutch Safety Board Complaints

If you have a complaint about the way in which a Dutch Safety Board staff member or the Dutch Safety Board itself has acted, you can file a complaint. You can submit your complaint in writing or verbally.

Complaint in writing

The following information must be included in your written complaint:

•            your name;
•            your address;
•            your telephone number;
•            your signature;
•            the date;
•            a description of the act or conduct concerned (where possible, including the name of the staff member).

You can send your written complaint to:

Dutch Safety Board
Legal Affairs
PO Box 95404
2509 CK The Hague

You can also submit you complaint by email to

Verbal complaint

We do not have a specific procedure for handling verbal complaints. In principle, the Dutch Safety Board deals with verbal complaints verbally.

Handling complaints

You will receive written confirmation of receipt of your complaint. If your complaint is considered, it will be handled by a Dutch Safety Board staff member who was not involved in the conduct which is the subject of your complaint. Both the complainant and the defendant will be given the opportunity to be heard, unless the complainant or defendant has indicated that they do not wish to be heard.

Complaint handling process

Your complaint must be resolved within six weeks of receiving your complaint. If circumstances prevent us from meeting this deadline, we can extend it by no more than four weeks. You will be informed accordingly in writing before the end of the first six weeks.

National Ombudsman

If you are not satisfied with the Safety Board’s handling of your complaint, you can turn to the National Ombudsman within one year of the response to your complaint.

Additional information

The Dutch Safety Board handles your complaint in accordance with Chapter 9 of the Dutch General Administrative Law Act (Awb).

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