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Derailment passenger train, Baarn

Status : Closed

Derailments are not included amongst the traditional safety bottlenecks in rail transport. That much is clear. The safety bottlenecks are based on actual accidents which have occurred with some regularity. It goes almost without saying that spontaneous derailments occur extremely rarely. In the laying out and construction of the rail infrastructure in our country, no account was taken of trains derailing. The assumption is that trains will not spontaneously leave the rails. When such an occurrence does take place, as in Baarn on 20 August 1999, there is every reason to thoroughly analyse the derailment. The sole purpose of this analysis is to contribute towards preventing a repetition.The Board decided to investigate this derailment, focusing in its study on the “manageable factors”, according to the TRIPOD method. This method was developed by the universities of Manchester and Leiden, on behalf of a major petrochemical company. The analysis method above all attempts to identify those factors which can increase safety, and which can be influenced by the management and/or managers of the organisations in question.

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