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Aircraft manufacturer Aerospool does not make it mandatory to lock the cockpit cover, the canopy, with a safety latch and a sensor. The manufacturer is therefore missing an opportunity to increase the safety of micro light aircraft, MLAs. The Dutch Safety Board made this assessment in a follow-up memorandum in response to an earlier recommendation. The Dutch Safety Board made the recommendation to Aerospool after an accident involving an MLA in which the canopy opened during a flight.

Too much depends on choices made by pilots or flying clubs

Aerospool says it has completed all necessary steps; The manufacturer previously drew attention to safety measures in bulletins in 2008 and 2019.

The Dutch Safety Board considers this to be insufficient; As long as the locking of the canopy is not mandatory, whether or not to lock the canopy depends too much on the individual choices of pilots or owners. Aerospool should take action on the obligation itself and not wait for national aviation authorities to make such action mandatory.

The incident in brief

On February 13, 2021, the Aerospool Dynamic WT9, a micro light aircraft, took off from Drachten airport for a local flight. The pilot was the only passenger. Near the small village of Kornhorn the plane lost altitude and crashed. Shortly after crashing, the plane caught fire. The pilot was fatally injured. The aircraft was destroyed by the crash and the subsequent fire.

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