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The Dutch Safety Board continues the exploratory investigation into the collision between a crane vessel and a drilling platform in the Botlek in Rotterdam in a formal investigation. During the collision on February 21, 2024, one person fell into the water. This person is still missing, but most likely no longer alive.

The Bahama’s, the ship’s flag state, is participating in the investigation as Substantially Interested State.

On the day of the incident itself, the Dutch Safety Board immediately started the on-site investigation. Two teams of investigators went to the scene the next day to collect initial information. They interviewed those involved and secured footage.

As a result of the collision in Dutch territorial water a person died, in all likelyhood. This means that the Dutch Safety Board has the legal obligation to conduct a safety investigation to find out the root cause of the incident and the underlying factors. By investigating the incident, the Dutch Safety Board wants to learn lessons to prevent recurrence in the future. The Dutch Safety Board aims to complete the investigation within one year of the incident.

More information can be found on the investigation page.

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