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In October, the Dutch Safety Board appointed the members of the supervisory committee for its investigation into the approach of the Corona crisis. The supervisory committee is one of the instruments available to monitor quality during an investigation. The committee members are representatives from the health care, science and supervision and management fields. The role of the supervisory committee is to reflect upon and contribute to the investigation from a practical point of view. They are engaged during different phases of the investigation and meet regularly. 


The Dutch Safety Board is an independent organisation. Engaging expertise from outside the organisation is important in order to make use of specific knowledge about the field of the subject of the investigation. The members of the supervisory committee are asked on a personal title in order to guarantee independence.

Supervisory committee Corona crisis
Mr. J.A. de Bruijn
Mr. R. Goldstein RA
Mr. A. Hofman
Mr. J.A. Knottnerus
Ms. P.L. Meurs
Ms. M. Sint
Mr. W.J.M. Spaan
Ms. J.W.E. Spies
Mr. R. Vliegenthart
Ms. F. de Vries

Investigation Corona crisis

On May 7th, 2020 the Dutch Safety Board announced the launch of the investigation into the approach of the Corona crisis. This was partly in response to a request from the Dutch cabinet. The exploratory investigation and definition of the scope of the investigation was completed in September 2020. The Dutch Safety Board will focus on the crisis organisation, the decision making, questions about capacity, communication, and compliance and enforcement of the measures taken. Finally, the Board will pay special attention to the ways nursing homes have handled the crisis. 

The investigation page can be found here.

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