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Part I

The first sub-report covers the first wave of COVID-19 infections. This is the period from March 2020 until September 2020. THe investigation focuses on the approach approach to the pandemic, the decision making and crisis structure during this first period, the handling of uncertainties and the public support relating to the government’s crisis communications. for the government’s approach. Furthermore, the study takes a particularly close look at how the government’s approach to the crisis impacted on nursing homes.

For this first sub-report, thousands of documents have been analyzed and hundreds of interviews have taken place. Also, during the investigation the Board continued to monitor the crisis by regularly having conversations with key figures.

Part II

The second sub-report focuses on the second and third wave of COVID-19 infections, the period from September 2020 until July 2021. In this part, the approach to the vaccination programme is investigated, along with three measures that were introduced during this period: the requirement to wear a face mask, the closing of primary and secondary education and the curfew. The subjects of the second sub-report sometimes originate from the first period of the crisis. Therefore, in the investigation into the measures that were introduced in the second part of the investigation, decisions and considerations from the first period will be taken into account.

The Dutch Safety Board expects to publish the second sub-report around the summer of 2022.

Part III

The Dutch Safety Board is continuing the investigation during the crisis and foresees the publishing of a third sub-report. 

Insight into the lessons of the approach to the crisis

The Dutch Safety Board investigates safety incidents and crises to draw lessons for the future. The investigation “Approach to the COVID-19 crisis” is meant for everyone involved in the Dutch approach to the crisis, in order to learn lessons for the future approach to health crises that may come at us in the future. At the same time, the investigation is meant for everyone who wishes to gain more insight into the impact and effect of the Dutch approach to the crisis dutring the COVID-19 pandemic, as everyone of us has had to deal with the effects of the crisis in daily life.


Find the full investigation page for part I and part II.

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