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Collision between two passenger trains in Dordrecht

Status : Closed

On 28 November 1999, two passenger trains travelling in the same direction, collided with each other, in Dordrecht. The trains in question were the Benelux train and a double-decker passenger train. During the collision, 6 passengers were injured, and the trains derailed, whereby a section of the derailed Benelux train came onto the adjacent track. Fortunately, the driver of the train approaching the site on the adjacent track noticed that the track was blocked, and was able to halt his train in time. The nature and seriousness of the collision, which could have been far more serious given the approaching train, led to the decision by the Transport Safety Board to further investigate this accident. The investigation by the Board showed that the double-decker had incorrectly passed a signal at red, which was operating correctly. Safety on the Dutch railway network is based on red light discipline. A red signal may not be missed by a driver, because the consequences can be catastrophic. Unfortunately, human errors still occur, and drivers do miss signals at red.

Collision between two passenger trains in Dordrecht


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