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The responses to the recommendations show that various actions  have been undertaken to improve the road safety of driver assistance systems. However, it will still take some time to reach conclusive results, such as new regulations or an amended admission framework.

More focus on the user
The recommendations of the Safety Board have led to further acceleration and intensification of the existing initiatives and to new actions. The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (I&W) plays an important role in that process. Since the publication of the report, the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) has not only been concerned with the technical aspects, but also with the functioning of the user. Internationally, I&W has taken the lead and put the importance of user aspects and responsible innovation on agenda. Within the UNECE, various working groups are considering these issues.

A task for automotive manufacturers
International umbrella organizations OICA and ACEA do not report any concrete initiatives by which car manufacturers and innovators in the automotive industry are proactively working to improve road safety. Instead, they refer to European regulations governing the approval and supervision of motor vehicles and their systems. In its report, the Dutch Safety Board actually concluded that current regulations do not offer sufficient guarantees for (the introduction of) safe driver assistance systems because of the rapid technological developments. It is possible that individual car manufacturers are already innovating in a socially responsible manner. The responses to the recommendations have not made this clear to the Safety Board.

The full response of the Dutch Safety Board on the follow-up to the recommendations can be found on the investigation page: ‘Who is in control? Road safety and automation in road traffic.


UNECE: United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, a special UN commission that covers a proportion of European regulations.  
OICA: Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles.
ACEA: European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association.

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