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During the night of 23 December 2021 the Dutch general cargo ship Amadeus Aquamarijn was hit from behind by the Belgian fishing vessel Z-60 Blue Angel. The collision took place on the North Sea in the SW Traffic Separation System near Texel. The accident caused heavy damage to the Amadeus Aquamijn, mainly caused by the influx of seawater through a large hole in the hull at the waterline. There were no injuries on either ship after the collision.

The Dutch Safety Board started an investigation in this Serious Marine Casualty als Lead Investigation State, with FEBIMA (Belgium) acting as Substantially Interested State in accordance with EU Directive 2009/18/EC.

Due to the workload of other ongoing investigations this investigation could not be finished within a year. The start of the 30 day review period is expected in Q1 2023 with publication of the report planned for Q2 2023.

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