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Het verongelukte toestel.
Het verongelukte toestel.

Loss of control during landing, Cessna 177, G-BAJE, Hilversum airfield

Status : Closed

During landing, the flight instructor lost control of the aircraft. The aircraft came to a stop in a meadow adjacent to the airfield and was seriously damaged.

The flight instructor was conducting a trial lesson with a pupil in a Cessna 177, from Hilversum airfield. There was one passenger in the back of the aircraft. Following a flight of around one hour, the flight instructor took control of the aircraft, and joined the downwind leg for a landing on Runway 31. The aircraft then flew on final with full flaps.

The flight instructor declared that just before the landing, at a height of approx. 1 to 1.5 metres above the grass runway, the left wing suddenly dipped. The left wheel came into contact with the ground. The aircraft continued its flight, and subsequently drifted to the left, towards a ditch and a barbed wire fence. The instructor selected full power and raised the nose of the aircraft, where he lost control of the aircraft, which then hit the ground.

The cause of the left-hand rolling movement the aircraft made shortly before the landing could not be determined with certainty. The meteorological conditions may have contributed to the occurrence of the accident.

More about this incident can be found in the Quarterly Aviation Report Q1 2022.


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