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Archieffoto PH-SBM. (Bron: E. Van Hassel)
Archieffoto PH-SBM. (Bron: E. Van Hassel)

Fatal aircraft accident in low flying area Gouda, 22 May 2018

Status : Closed

The Reims F172N had taken off from Rotterdam The Hague Airport at 11.17 AM for a proficiency check. On board were the pilot and one pilot examiner. After the aircraft had left the control zone of Rotterdam The Hague Airport on a northeastern heading, it set course for the Gouda low flying area. In the low flying area to the southwest of Stolwijk, the aircraft made a maneuver that caused it to lose altitude very quickly. In the course of this maneuver, the aircraft came into contact with several trees, causing the left wing to detach. After some 200 metres, the aircraft hit the ground. Both occupants died in the accident. The aircraft was completely destroyed.

Vertical flight

The accident was caused by the aircraft entering vertical flight at a low altitude and the pilots not being able to make a recovery maneuver that would have allowed the aircraft to return timely from vertical to horizontal flight. It could not be established with certainty what caused the aircraft to go into vertical flight. Whilst executing the recovery maneuver, the aircraft’s left wing struck a number of trees. A crash could not be avoided at this point.

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