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Archive photo of G-GAEA.  Source: Texel Airport
Archive photo of G-GAEA. Source: Texel Airport

Engine failure following take-off, 27 February 2018

Status : Closed

The Aquila A210 was carrying out a training flight with two occupants on board. Just after take-off, at around 13:35 while flying in an easterly direction at an altitude of approximately 450 feet, the engine’s power abruptly declined somewhat for no discernible reason. At around 500 feet, a loud bang was heard and smoke developed in the cockpit. At this point, the instructor immediately took over control of the aircraft.

After landing, it became clear that a hole had opened up in the side of the engine block (the crankcase).

This serious incident is included in the Quarterly Report Aviation over the second quarter of 2018.

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