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Detached control stick, ASK 13, D-3756, Nistelrode glider airfield

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After the student and instructor performed the cockpit check prior to the winch launch, they were ready for departure. They gave the ready signal, after which the winch launch started. At a height of approximately 50 metres, the instructor’s control stick at the rear position came loose. The instructor immediately realised what was happening and was able to reposition the control stick in approximately 10 seconds. The nose position of the glider changed slightly after the control stick had come loose, but the winch launch was otherwise uneventful.

The glider manufacturer stated that it was not aware of any other occurrences where the control stick came loose during the flight. The manufacturer issued a technical note in which it strongly recommends to perform an inspection of the control stick attachment in the rear cockpit of the ASK 13 during each annual maintenance check.

More information can be found in our Quarterly Aviation Report Q2 2023.

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