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After the wreckage arrived in the Netherlands in December, preparations for the investigation of the wreckage have started. The pieces of wreckage have, for example, been photographed and examined. In addition, pieces of wreckage have been sorted and wreckage has been selected for the reconstruction of a part of the aeroplane.

In the second half of February, aviation investigators from the participating nations will undertake investigation activities at Gilze-Rijen. They will, among other activities, perform fracture investigation, investigate failure modes and investigate impact patterns. The purpose of this investigation is, as an international investigation team, to determine what can be understood from the pieces of wreckage.

Work at Gilze-Rijen has not yet begun on the 3-dimensional reconstruction of a part of the fuselage as the international investigation in February has to take place first. Next of kin will, at the later time, be provided with an opportunity to visit the 3-dimensional reconstruction.           

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